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Reward Yourself!

100% Made in USA

Each Kenda’s Texas Saddles model was carefully chosen for its place in the history of the West.  Each has its own unique story.  Each shrouded with the legacy of the tough men and women who settled there.  Our craftspeople understand this history and the contribution each has made to the relationship between horse and rider.

Each KTS model is built on Kenda’s ~ Simple Promise philosophy. 

  • Tree:  We have chosen the Dennis Lane's Equine Back Profiling System, for its ease of use for you to provide an accurate representation of your horse’s withers and back for our tree makers.

  • Custom-Fitted, Bench Made Tree – made of Poplar wood with 3-layers of fiberglass cloth and 3 additional covers of fiberglass cloth at the joints (6 layers).  The entire tree is covered with a fiberglass Epoxy Resin matrix for strengthening, smoothing and long-term protection.  Tree made to our specifications with 5 ½”+ bar width; 23” bar length on 15” seat & 24” bar length on 16” seat.

  • Best Quality Leather Available:  Hermann Oak – or – Wickett & Craig

  • Hardware:  Selected for its lasting durability, eye appeal, and compliment to the fine leather. 

  • Craftspeople – Each KTS saddle is bench made, one-at-a-time by artisans with many years of experience.

Any KTS saddle model can be personalized with the following options to make your KTS saddle uniquely your own:

  • Custom Carving/Stamping

  • Inlaid, Padded or Hard Seat

  • Custom Hand Made Conchos

  • Breast Collar 

  • Rear Cinch - Included in some models

  • 5 Star - 7/8” Custom Pad -made to fit individual saddle model(s).

  • 5 Star - Cutter Cinch Customer Choice of Natural or Chocolate Color

  • Don Orrell Stirrups 

  • KTS Visalia – For the rider desiring a bit of "flash" in their chosen discipline.

  • KTS Single Skirt - Classy single skirt lightweight saddle.

  • KTS Wade – Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt inspired.

  • KTS Rancher – For the Rancher within. Great for any discipline.

    (Note: Prices subject to change with input cost.  Deposits are non-refundable.)

Visalia Style Elements (Our Interpretation):

  • Visalia 3B Slick Fork

  • Bench-made Tree

  • Straight-Up, Round Cantle (Cheyenne Roll as optional)

  • Tapadero Stirrups are accessories (additional)

  • Choose a Round or Square Skirt Model


For the rider desiring a bit of ‘flash’ in their chosen discipline.  All purpose riding. 


“As long as the cattle are raised on big American ranches, the legacy of the Vaquero will endure.  On the Pacific Coast and on Nevada ranches, buckaroos still carry long ropes, slick-forked saddles and use silver mounted spade bits and spurs.”

(Source:  The History of the Vaquero – Phil Livingston)

KTS Single Skirt

Single Skirt Style Elements:

  • Visalia 3B Slick Fork, (Bowman Swell optional)

  • Bench-made Tree

  • Straight-Up, Round Cantle (Cheyenne Roll optional)

  • Light Weight Single Skirt 

  • Smooth Seat Jockey and Fenders (Rough Out optional)


    All purpose riding.  


Shown:  Bowman Swell with Wood Post Horn Wrapped, Straight Up Cantle with Smooth Seat Jockey and Fenders.  Kangaroo Inlaid Seat

Wade Style Elements:

  • Wade Slick Fork

  • Bench-made Tree

  • Wood-Post, Wrapped Horn and Rope Strap

  • Round Cantle with Pencil Roll (Cheyenne Roll optional)

  • Single Skirt optional


Note:  Time-tested working saddle with great ‘old-school’ looks.  This model carries forward the true legacy of the working cowboy.


For the rider looking for a great looking saddle that will be comfortable working all day or enjoying a long afternoon on the trails.  All purpose riding. 

Rancher model left

Rancher Style Elements:

  • Will James or Bowman Swell

  • Bench-made Tree

  • Rounded Square Skirting (Rounded optional)

  • Horn is Aluminum or Metal (Customer choice)

  • Cheyenne Roll Cantle (Pencil Roll optional)


Note:  The story of these great ranches continues to unfold as each faces the realities of generational change.  


For the rider wanting the look and feel enjoyed by the countless cowboys working these storied spreads.  All purpose riding. 

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