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Woodland, CA

My Kenda saddle gives my dear horse, Webber, and I the comfy ride we need. Whether we are on the trail or competing in Cowboy Dressage, I know we will feel and look our best. My back feels great now, and Webber's back has remained solid with the change to the new saddle. We are a couple of happy customers. Thank you Kenda 's Texas Saddles !
Side note:  Jill & Webber won the Top Hand Amatuer Division in 2016 riding in her Kenda's Texas Saddle.


Weston, TX

I can’t say enough about my Kenda's Texas Saddle.  I’m relatively new to horse ownership and only had one saddle prior to Kenda’s saddle.  I thought the old one was fine.  No real problems, but not in love with it either.  I knew the quality wasn’t the best, but thought oh well.  
In January of 2013, Kenda came out to our house to do a fitting for my Hottie.  Turns out my old saddle wasn’t a total mismatch but wasn’t the best fit either.  After giving it some thought I decided to purchase a new saddle.
This was the best decision I could have made.  The new saddle fit Hottie perfectly.  It also fit me perfectly!  And triple bonus, it fits my gelding as well!  I wasn’t too sure about the bucking rolls but have grown to love them.  
The color, style, fit – everything is just perfect.  It’s now three years later and I still love the saddle.  I share Kenda’s name whenever I can!


Grass Valley, CA

I love my Kenda's Texas Saddle!"  Everything about it is top notch quality, amazing supple leather, light weight and a beautiful design.

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