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Why Dennis Lane System?

  • Simplicity – This is by far the simplest, quickest and easiest method of any that we know of at this time.  A complete set of measurements of one horse can be achieved in a matter of minutes.  All you need is a set of the cards, a pencil and paper to record your results.

  • Communication – The size that your horse(s) measure, can be conveniently and quickly communicated over the phone or email to anyone else using the Dennis Lane Card System.  There is no need to send drawings or castings of horse’s back by mail.

  • Reliable – The cards are more reliable and easier to use than the old ‘bend a piece of wire over the horse’s back’ system.

  • Comparable – Using this system, the measurements that you take has instantly provided a category and size.  This is comparable to other sizes, and you see how the other sizes compare.  Back-maps and casts do not in themselves provide a size and are not easily compared against each other.

  • Economical – A one-off investment enables you to measure and record an infinite number of horses.  Unlike any of the casting type measuring methods.

  • Consistent – Due to the above advantages this system of measurements and numbers is being used by more-and-more saddle makers and saddle tree makers.  This is leading towards a more consistent terminology throughout the industry.”


#2 – Saddle Leather: 

The working surfaces used to support the rider and viewed by others, leather must provide the strength and durability required for years of heavy use.  At the same time, it is the ‘canvas’ you use to express your own unique personality.  Leather provides four key utilities:

  • Structure – the surfaces required to comfortably seat the rider; and support the rider’s legs as they are used to move the horse about.

  • Integrity – provide the flexibility for ease of movement; the strength to resist stretching; and absorb the wear from years of use.

  • Suppleness – thickness to enable the hand-carving by the craftsman; and mold and form to the pommel, seat, and cantle contours of the saddle.

  • Absorption – it must accept dyes and oils evenly to produce the deep, rich colors of custom work.

For these reasons, we have chosen two leather suppliers known for the consistent quality of their tannage:


(Note:  Each leather tanner uses their own unique descriptions.  While the descriptions may differ, each is the top-of-the-line and equivalent quality.  Individual saddle order(s) determine the exact weight of leather used.)

#3 – Hardware: 

Must combine both the utilities required for the saddle to ‘hold-together’ functionally and display a touch of rider-inspired personalization.  Hardware delivers three utilities:

  • Strength – quality to withstand the rigors of heavy use.

  • Design – appropriate for the individual saddle design(s).

  • Smooth Surfaces – non-abrasive to horse and rider.


For these reasons, we have chosen Jeremiah Watt Horseshoe

Brand or comparable stainless steel for saddle dees; breast collar

rings; and conchos.

  • All matching stainless steel with black inlays.

  • All other hardware is stainless steel.

#4 – Craftsmen:  

Combining wood, leather and steel to produce a custom saddle connecting man and beast. We are most proud of the craftsmen we have assembled to carve the trees to your measurements; hand-cut and tool the assorted leather pieces of your choosing; and smooth and mold the surfaces for rider/horse satisfaction we proudly call Kenda’s Texas Saddles.


As we explored a variety of individuals, we shared our life-story of working with people and horses and watching that special relationship that can develop between the horse and rider.  Of developing a passion focused on seamlessly connecting horse and rider to enable maximum performance.  Our passion must have been contagious, as something unusual began to take place – they began to interview us.  To look into the depths of our soul for that special commitment to something bigger than combing the parts and pieces to end up with saddles.  Something they could be a part of that would be bigger than the sum-of-the-pieces. 


Our team is special.  Individuals with skills, knowledge, experience, confidence and passion to deliver you much more than a saddle.  A smoothly functioning extension of your dreams and desires.

We look forward to working with you.

We promise you will have a quality, custom saddle.

About Us

    free-up your horse’s movements, enable lighter cues, and enhance rider harmony and communication with their horse.         Rider and Horse become true partners.


For these reasons, KTS uses only custom trees fitted specifically to your horses body type.  We choose Dennis Lane's Equine Back Profiling System (EBPS) for its simplicity of use for you to provide an accurate representation of your horse’s back to our tree makers.

Kenda’s Simple Promise - Quality, Custom Saddle

Kenda’s Texas Saddles completed an exhaustive screening process to simplify the 4 key elements required to deliver a truly quality, custom saddle you will be proud to ride for years to come.  We do not offer refunds.

#1 – Tree: 

The most important part of the saddle for your horse and the foundation upon which the rest of the saddle is built.  It must be ‘right’ or all the shiny silver and exquisite leather carving will be for naught.  The tree provides four utilities:

  • Base – Rest of the saddle is built on it.

  • Weight Distribution – ‘Evenly’ distributes the rider’s weight across the horses back eliminating pressure points, rubbing, chaffing, poking, etc.

  • Longevity – This even distribution of weight across the horse’s back, significantly increases the horse’s comfort and prolongs his useful career. 

  • Freedom-of-Movement – Properly fitting saddles

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