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Kenda Firkins

“With 40+ years of working with people and horses, one of my favorite aspects of the industry is watching the relationship grow between the horse and rider…There is something special about the evolution of the bond between the two…Our focus at KTS is to facilitate that.”
KTS Mission…
At KTS we have made a study of, ‘Why customers make the choices they do?”
We have found that customers don’t simply buy products or services.  They ‘hire’ them to do a job.  That job is not just about function – like having a comfortable pair of boots – but about creating the right set of experiences for customers.  We do not offer refunds.
Custom saddles have been found to deliver many experiences for our customers…
  • Customer Satisfaction – Courteous, professional interaction from design to delivery.
  • Personal Achievement – Symbol of ‘self.’
  • Artistry – Expression of one’s personality.
  • Performance – Skill in your discipline of choice.
  • Partnership – Comfort and connection with your horse.
  • Confidence – ‘Can-do’ in the arena; across a pasture; or along the trails.

Come find your own personal experiences!

Simple Promise
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