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KTS Rancher 

By its very name – Rancher – it stirs the imagination.  Ranching and the cowboy tradition originated in Spain out of necessity to handle large herds of grazing cattle on dry land from horseback. The first of the great American ranchers were tough men with the grit, guts and passion to start with nothing more than a dream.  Men like:
  • Parker Ranch (John Parker - Hawaii - 1847)
  • King Ranch (Richard King – Texas - 1853)
  • 6666 (Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnet – Texas - 1868)
  • JA Ranch (Charles Goodnight - Texas - 1876)
  • XIT (Charles B. & John V. Farwell – Texas – 1885)
All understood the need and value of good horses ridden by skilled cowboys with equipment designed to hold up to long days of hard use.  All developed horse programs to fit their individual needs.    Common to all of them were horses with good temperaments; cow sense; ranch usability; and training.  Those same elements are desired in the horses we ride and enjoy today.
At KTS we are bonded to the legacy of these great institutions.  Our passion is building exceptional quality saddles that stand the test of time.
KTS Rancher for the Rancher in you.
KTS Rancher Description (Base)
  • Bench Made Saddle Tree
  • 7/8 In-Skirt Rigged
  • Aluminum or Metal horn (customer choice)
  • Rough-Out, Smooth or Combo Leather (customer choice)
  •  Hard-Seat 
  • Pictured 12" Round – 4” Tall Cantle w/ Cheyenne-Roll
  • Rounded Skirt or Rounded Square (customer choice)
  • 2-Latigo Tie Straps
  • Jeremiah Watt Floral slotted conchos
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 3 sets saddle strings (additional) real wool shearling liner
  • Carving – additional charge
  • Base Price Includes Custom Fitted Bench Made Tree: $5500.00
Rancher model
This saddle comes with a long list of ‘standards’.  Accessories you may add: (chocolate leather shown)
  • Additional Carving
  • Breast Collar
  • Rear Cinch
  • Headstall
  • Stirrups 
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