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KTS Visalia

Traces its origins to the first ranches established by the Spanish in Mexico in 1519.  Spanish landowners mounted native Indians on well-trained horses and taught them to handle cattle.  By the early 1700’s, cattle ranching had spread north into what is now Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and south to Argentina.  These native cowboys were called vaqueros (from the Spanish word ‘cow’) and developed roping skills, using braided rawhide reatas (the root word for lariat). (Source:  The History of the Vaquero – Phil Livingston)
KTS Visalia Description (Base)
  • Visalia 3B Bench Made Saddle Tree
  • 7/8 In-Skirt Flat-Plate Rigged
  • 3” Horn
  • Hard Seat
  • 12” Round – 4” Tall Straight-Up Cantle w/Pencil Roll
  • Square Skirt – 28” Long X 13” Deep measured from middle of frog to bottom of skirt
  • Round skirt available upon request)
  • 4 Sets Strings
  • Stainless steel saddle dees and rear cinch buckles
  • Leather Rosettes or Jeremiah Watt conchos
  • Real wool shearling liner
  • Approx. Wt. 30-32# (seat size dependent)
  • Square or Round Skirt Options Available
  • Carving – additional charge
  • Base Price Includes Custom Fitted Bench Made Tree: $5,500.00
As pictured with accessories: (chocolate leather)
  • Inlaid Seat 
  • Corner Carving
  • Border Carving
  • Carved Tapaderos 
    Rear Cinch Stamped
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