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Benchmade Saddle Tree

Benchmade Saddle Tree:

  • Yellow Poplar Wood

  • Covered in a Fiberglass/Epoxy Resin Matrix

  • Completed covered in 3 layers of Fiberglass Cloth

  • Additional 3 layers of Fiberglass Cloth at each stress point

Commonly used terminology for saddle trees are Quarter Horse, Full Quarter Horse, Semi-Quarter Horse, Arabian and Mule bars.  

There is no industry standard to any of the above bar styles.  So how do you get the right tree for your horse/mule?  Some factors that affect fit are: bar angle, bar twist, bar rock, bar crown and bar/edge relief.  

We fit the body type of your horse/mule.  It's similar yet very different to buying a "labeled bar" in the fact we measure your horse for the rafter angle, twist, rock, and crown.


 There are may cross-breeds today in addition to the registered breeds.  The  horses/mules backs have significantly changed over the years which is why there are so many saddle/tree fit problems.  Once you know the body type of your horse/mule, the next step is learning about widths and lengths of saddle tree bars and how the tree is constructed and why it's important.  

We offer Saddle/Tree One Day Seminars to help educate on saddle/tree fit.  Contact us if you are interested in a seminar for your group or organization.  Send e-mail for rates to

  • Bar Length for 16" seat - 24"

  • Bar Length for 15" seat - 23"

Benchmade  definition:  This term means ONE person makes your saddle tree using a combination of hand and power tools.  The term originally came from a craftsman building furniture.  Each piece was built on his workbench, hence the name.   This is the highest level of craftsmanship consumers purchase at.

 Our benchmade saddle is for the person who wants a 100% custom saddle. 

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