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KTS Wade 

Tracing its origin to the late 1800’s and Aaron Wade this model is based on a very unique tree.  Aaron Wade drove horses across the West from Oregon.  On one of his trips he bought a saddle in Deadwood, SD., whose maker is unknown.  Aaron rode the saddle until he passed away many years later.  The saddle was later pulled from storage in the late 1930’s by his son Clifford who found it fit many of the horses he was riding at the time.  In 1937, he took the saddle to Hamley’s in Pendleton, OR, and asked them to make a new one like it.
The Wade and Dorrance families had been neighbors in Oregon, where William C. Dorrance homesteaded in 1882.  William’s son, Tom was intrigued by the saddle Clifford Wade had made, and over the ensuing years worked with Walt Youngman – head tree maker at Hamley’s for many years – on ways to improve the design and fit.  The 1940 Wade style tree was the result of their collaboration.
The Wade design was made popular by two of the greatest horsemen of the 20th Century, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.  It was probably Ray more than anyone else who was responsible for reintroducing the Wade saddle to the working cowboy and the western riding public in general. (Source: Wade Saddle Tree History)
KTS Wade Comfortable working all day or afternoon trail riding.
(Endorsed by Rudy Lara)
  • Bench Made Saddle Tree
  • 7/8 In-Skirt Rigged
  • Wood Post Horn w/Horn Wrap & Rope Strap
  • 12 1/2” Round – 4” Tall Cantle w/Pencil Roll
  • Hard Seat
  • Rounded Skirt
  • 2-Latigo Tie Straps
  • Jeremiah Watt Floral saddle dees; slotted or smooth conchos
  • 4 Sets Saddle Strings
  • Real Wool Shearling Liner
  • Approx. Wt. 28-30# (seat size dependent)
  • Carving – additional charge
  • Base Price Includes Custom Fitted Bench Made Tree: $5500.00
This saddle comes with a long list of ‘standards.’  Accessories you may add:
  • Additional Carving
  • Breast Collar
  • Rear Cinch
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