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Custom Saddle - That seemingly simple combination of wood, leather and steel that connects man and beast…
If only it were that simple!
Choosing ‘the’ custom saddle maker to bring your dreams to life can be an overwhelming endeavor. As your ‘clicks’ have revealed, there are so many to choose amongst that picking the ‘one’ is no simple matter.
At KTS, simplicity is a core value. Through an exhaustive screening process, we have selected trees, leather, hardware, and craftsmen that we guarantee will excite the seasoned arena professional as well as the hardworking cowboy. Both share a common goal – seamless connection with their horse enabling maximum performance every time.
Explore with us, this wonderful journey to deliver a saddle worthy of your dreams. Our time-tested process is proven to produce a saddle that frees-up your horse’s movements; enables lighter rider cues; resulting in maximum performance…

Rider + Custom Tailored Saddle + Horse + Training
Fluid Performance
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